The Archangel Connection


The Archangel Connection: an evening with Alex Slucki
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Archangels are very much a part of our human existence and by knowing them, we can also be so much more aware of what it is we were meant to do and be on planet Earth? We all belong to a particular Archangelic tribe which defines our personalities, our longings, the way we wish to contribute and also learn from the world. By connecting directly to them through channeling we can establish a greater communication with the Wisdom of the Universe and thus release the power, love, creativity and beauty always accesible to us at any given moment. 
A conversation with one single Archangel presence can change our lives for the better. We open our hearts, release our fears, become present in the now moment and can more easily disentangle the complexities of our everyday life. 
Join us for an exciting evening conferring with at least one of the Archangels that Intuitive Coach and Channeler Alex Slucki will summon right here, in Mystic Dreams for the very First Time! As Alex says, “beyond the words, there is always a powerful transmission” which helps to release old patterns and beliefs, as well as unblock stagnant energies which keep you from expressing your truest, highest potential. 
Alex Slucki is an internationally known Author, Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive Coach, Vocalist and Channeler. His work has been known in many countries such as US, Canada and Mexico, and also in Europe and Asia. With over 22 years channeling angels, archangels and ascended masters, Alex has worked with over 11,000 people one-on-one to help them get clear about their true gifts, callings and how to summon both gentleness and joy in their lives. His programs span a wide range of unique and personally tailored healing techniques: from healing past lives to closing karmic cycles with loved ones, he continues to help people reach their highest potential. He is the author of 11 books, 3 music volumes and a spiritual play called Regina. 

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