Mystic Dream Kids Meditation Certification Program


One of the best efforts we can put forth at this time is to bring greater peace and self awareness to our younger generation.  Statistics are staggering with the amount of anxiety and stress young people are currently holding.  It is unprecedented.

Regardless of why this is happening on a global scale, there are tangible things we can do to create more harmony. Young people are very easy to teach meditation skills to and it is a very gratifying gift to see how we can influence them in this way.  Schools and society are seeing the benefits of meditation at a young age and this is a definite trend for the better that will be required at some point, for the mental and emotional health it brings.

Mystic Dream is a registered 501C non profit that provides education to train adults in leading young people in meditation, which also includes the healing benefits of crystal sound bowls. The program is a (3) day training that includes the background of meditation, teaching the adults meditation so they can teach the children, training on how to play the crystal bowls, how to teach children to play them and more.

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