Drum Bison 24″


This exceptional drum is made with an old school,  steam bent hardwood frame (Mulberry) , Irish Bison skin, custom rawhide, in a design that is Sami ( Laplanders and considered by some as the first Shamans) inspired (oval shape) .   The custom made rawhide on the back is in a spider weave pattern.

The ‘medicine’ of this piece to me ( Susan Morgan) is the horizontal line created by the spine of the Bison, which will lend extraordinary strength of Spirit in stopping unwanted behaviors and circumstances.  The Spiderwork is associated with storytelling.  This is the drum for those who want strength in creating a new story for themselves or their clients. This is a collectible piece in every sense of the word yet also a practical tool.


This drum is created by the incomparable Daithi Dubh of Wild Spirit Drums, who hails from Ireland and has been in the States for less than a year. In addition to hand crafting drums, he makes rattles, drum sticks and much more.  He also eats fire ( you read that right), leads fire walks as well as laying on a bed of nails.  He is a remarkably likable Wild Irish Lad and we are honored to be a distributor of his timeless work.

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