Desert Rose Sophia Circle


Join us for an exploration of old wisdom teachings, as they show us our full capacity as human beings and how to live from the heart.  We will explore the teachings of early 20th Century mystic, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, the wisdom of humankind.  Rudolf Steiner left his mark on a wide variety of disciplines including spiritual development (Anthroposophy), education (Waldorf/Steiner Schools, agriculture (Biodynamic Farming), and medicine (Anthoposophic Medicine), among others. His works bridge these ancient teachings and brings them to relevance in our present time.

We will practice a Head, Heart, and Hands approach:

Head – a discussion of Steiner or related works

Heart – an artistic activity

Hands – exercises to apply to your daily life



Theresa is a member of the Sophia Circle in Jacksonville Beach, FL, The Anthroposophic Society in America (ASA) and has long studied with the Steiner material as well as worked as administrator in the Jacksonville Waldorf Initiative.

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